Stricter whiplash rules to cut the cost of car cover

Car insurance premiums are expected to fall next year as insurers react to government action to stop dubious whiplash claims. There are 1,500 whiplash claims a day, costing insurers £2bn a year, according to the Association of British Insurers (ABI). This adds £90 a year to the average car insurance premium as insurers pass the cost on. The average […]

‘Visiting a rural petrol station in America left me uninsured’

My wife and I went to the United States for our usual summer holiday. We were therefore away from any calls to our home phone. I do not carry my mobile phone in the US and my access to the internet is restricted there. At my first attempt to pay for petrol with my Barclaycard […]

PPI compensation has turned portions of Britain into fraudsters, says bank boss 

The PPI scandal has turned “portions of Britain into fraudsters”, the chairman of Barclays has warned. John McFarlane said that an “enormous” proportion of claims for compensation over mis-sold payment protection insurance have been bogus. The latest Financial Conduct Authority figures show £32.2 billion has been paid out to claimants since 2011, with £353 million […]

‘Why won’t the RAC pay out over my vandalised car?’

Three months ago my car was vandalised while parked in a town in Umbria and the two side windows were broken. I informed my insurance company, which I had found via the RAC, and also the RAC itself with which I had a European breakdown cover policy. I did not make a claim under the insurance as […]

‘I’m 81 and in failing health. Yet TalkTalk cut off my emergency line’

Earlier this year I decided to change to TalkTalk for TV, phone and broadband. The company emailed thanking me for the order at a cost of £38 per month for 18 months and then £54 a month after that. It told me that an engineer would come between 8am and 1pm to install my telephone […]

Collectible coin production rises as cash falls out of favour

The Royal Mint has increased its production of collectible coins in an attempt to appeal to a wider market as the use of cash declines across the country.  In August, economists at the Bank of England said that rising inflation was strengthening the case for the removal from circulation of copper coins, too often “lost to […]

How long does it take for life insurance to pay out?

No-one wants to have to think about life insurance, not least following the death of a loved one. Life insurance is a policy that pays out a sum of money when the policyholder dies. Sadly, life insurance will not pay out automatically, and a claim must be made directly to the insurer. Anyone can start a […]

‘Fake engineer stole £7,700, will HSBC repay?’

The day after we reported internet problems to our broadband provider it called me to say an engineer would ring in the next few hours to sort them out. An appointment was arranged but then, perhaps coincidentally, I had a call within the hour from someone else. I presumed it was the engineer. After being […]

‘I cancelled Virgin Media, but it’s still billing me months later’

I arranged for my bank to cancel a direct debit with Virgin Media concerning its provision of my internet, telephone and television services over the past few years. I also telephoned Virgin Media to report this change. I distinctly remember that I was asked by the person to whom I spoke the reason for wanting […]

‘Solar panels meant Extraenergy overcharged me £800’

In August 2015 I had 10 solar panels fitted to my garage roof and, although a customer of Extraenergy for both electricity and gas supplies, I have been receiving “feed-in tariff” payments for the electricity generated by my panels from British Gas. This is because Extraenergy is not party to the feed-in tariff scheme. In […]