Here’s what Telegraph readers want to see in the rulebook on refunding scam victims: have your say

Telegraph Money readers have thrown their weight behind a new payments system and called for banks that allow fraudsters to open accounts to be automatically held liable for the losses of scams. In response to the publication of this newspaper’s demands for a new rulebook on refunding victims of bank transfer fraud, many readers wrote […]

‘How can I track down my husband’s lost pension?’

I hope you can help me find my late husband’s lost pension. He died aged 70. I have tried various websites over the past few months without success. NH, Lancs One of your husband’s ex-colleagues said he was receiving a workplace pension. You wondered why your husband had never had one from the same company. […]

Government’s ‘flawed data’ underestimates scale of leasehold home scandal by 50pc

The Government is accidentally underestimating the extent of the leasehold problem because official figures exclude millions of homes, according to new research.  Many leasehold properties require expensive and unfair payments to be made to the freeholder.  These can include a yearly ground rent that rises over time, leaving properties unsellable, as well as other high […]

‘Why is Waitrose demanding I pay back the £864 I earned doing shifts?’

I am a student and took a short-term job at Waitrose, which I had worked for several times before. I received online an undated offer of employment stating that the start date is to be agreed but showing a termination date, a rate of pay of £8 per hour and contractual hours for five days […]

‘Why is Capita taking so long to pay the spouse’s pension I am due?’

My husband died aged 77 of motor neurone disease. His pension was administered by Capita, and I advised the firm of his death three months ago. Capita was very prompt in asking for the return of the overpayment it had made then but appears very slow in sorting out the 50pc spouse’s pension I am […]

Cash machine access increased after £300m court battle

Shoppers will enjoy greater access to cash machines following an Appeal Court ruling that cuts taxes on retailers hosting the devices. Shops with cash machines have had to pay higher business rates since 2013, when the government’s Valuation Office Agency department said they would be subject to separate business rates. The decision was backdated to […]

Banks want you to foot the bill for paying back fraud victims – help us stop them

Telegraph Money will be sending our demands to the consultation on the new rule book before it closes next week. If you have thoughts or comments you would like to be included in our submission please email by close of play on Tuesday. To respond yourself visit Fraud victims risk being failed by […]

Listen now – It’s Your Money, episode 3:  ‘How to avoid scams, and what to do if you’re a victim’ 

Not everyone you meet in the world of finance is to be trusted with your money. Some will tempt you with too-good-to-be-true investments offering “guaranteed” and sky-high returns. Others will tell bare-faced lies, and trick you into sending vast sums to their own bank accounts. You might think you’d never fall for a scam, but […]

Royal Mint releases The Snowman 50p coin – and it’s already selling for twice as much online

The Royal Mint has released a series of limited-edition 50p coins to celebrate 40 years since the publication of Raymond Briggs’ children’s book The Snowman. Two “proof” coins (those released early as samples) – one in 22 carat gold and one in sterling silver, costing £775 and £60 respectively – have already sold out, and one standard uncirculated […]

Do you want a money makeover? Get a financial plan worth thousands of pounds – for free

We are all faced with many dilemmas on how to manage our money and ensure we’re setting aside enough to meet our goals. These could be retiring early, buying a first home, saving for school fees or giving yourself enough to travel the world as part of a career break. It is possible to meet your goals with […]